Internal Audit Co-Sourcing Services

An essential role of any internal audit department is to help the board of directors, audit committees, executives and managers across operations and departments adapt to the disruptive and changing business environment. Effective adaptation requires continuous monitoring, process improvement, and transformation in an efficient and timely manner. The internal audit charter – a document that defines the internal audit’s mission, purpose, authority, roles, and responsibility must be in place and updated timely. There is no function better equipped to handle such challenges than internal audit.

Synergy Integration Advisors (Synergy) can help you manage evolving risks, perform risk assessments and prioritize risks, continuously monitor controls, perform reviews and examinations, understand and improve fraud and information security vulnerabilities, help management shape the organizational culture and implement an appropriate tone-at-the-top to ensure an effective governance structure. These are examples of ways our internal audit support team creates and sustain value. Internal audit should be viewed as a strategic function with skills that can be leveraged by management to deliver results, monitor, and mitigate risks.

Synergy is a specialty internal audit co-sourcing and outsourcing consulting firm. Our personnel have the experience, education, and maintain the professional certifications needed to deliver an integrated, holistic approach and organization-wide Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions. We partner with our clients to accomplish their goals, objectives, and responsibilities and operate within their risk tolerance, policies and regulations.

Synergy internal audit professionals collaborate with the board of directors, audit committees, executives and managers across essential functions and departments to provide value-added internal audit support. We support clients throughout the United States in the following sectors: Public sectors – (federal, state, and local government) agencies and institutions, private sectors – (small and large corporations) and non-profit organizations. Synergy can collaborate with management to set-up and maintain an internal audit function as part of our internal audit outsourcing services. Synergy can also provide resources augmentation and specialized skills to support existing internal audit departments as part of our internal audit co-sourcing services. Synergy offers the following services:

  1. Strategy alignment optimization: Help client organizations align strategy, vision, customer or client concerns, corporate culture, enterprise goals and objectives, functional and departmental goals to govern and execute mission effectively and efficiently.
  2. Risk management assessments: Support or conduct risk assessments, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) implementation, risk ranking, risk prioritization, risk mitigation and controls assessments.
  3. Operational efficiencies: Gather input from internal and external holders to identify root-cause, agree on a plan of action and select optimal solutions. Solutions could require improvements in existing processes, updates to policies and procedures, implementing new information technology systems or optimization of existing systems. On other occasions, a transformation of the business processes and operations might be the sustainable long-term solution. By using the right methodology and tools for your organization, Synergy collaborates with your diverse work teams to develop and execute the best strategies to improve performance and deliver results. This requires an optimal balance between your existing business processes, human capital and skill-sets, and technologies used across various operations, functions, and departments within your organization.
  4. Quality and compliance; include regulatory improvements.
  5. Financial management, audit and governance assessments.
  6. Benchmarking and performance management.
  7. Information Technology (IT) management.
  8. Supply chain management and logistics.
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