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Optimizing Internal Audit “Doing More With Less”

This article examines the evolving roles of internal auditors and the objective of creating value as continuous budget cuts across business functions became the new normal. Internal audit departments, as well as other business units must adapt and find innovative ways to continuously create value for their organizations with fewer resources.
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Six Internal Audit Hiring Errors to Avoid

An internal auditor’s primary functions include the examination, evaluation and performance of independent assessments of the organization’s risk management, internal controls and governance processes, and reporting of findings to management. How any private or public sector organization recruits, selects and retains its internal auditors is central to the success of the evolving audit function and its ability to continuously add value with limited resources. This article discusses six internal auditor hiring errors to avoid.
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Evaluating Organizational Policies and Procedures to Ensure Alignment with Objectives

Policies and procedures are often created to provide employees and contractors with guidance on performing routine tasks and processing various transactions. Based on my Internal Audit and Consulting experiences, there is a perception amongst employees that all formal policies and procedures have been documented and approved by management. This perception is not always correct. Not all approved policies and procedures are documented, nor are all existing policies and procedures updated to reflect process changes and communicated to all stakeholders timely. Internal Auditors can play a significant integration role within their organizations to ensure policies and procedures align with organizational objectives. This article provides suggestions on how Internal Auditors can routinely evaluate and update organizational policies and procedures to ensure continuous alignment with established goals and objectives.
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