One of today’s pressing management concerns is: What is internal audit’s role in risk management? There is broad agreement that internal audit has an important part to play in risk management, but just where to draw the line is always a controversial topic. Some make the argument that internal audit should play a lead role […]

The first step in improving performance is Performance Measurement. While Dr. Deming did not actually say “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, he strongly emphasized the importance of metrics whenever possible. The Association of Government Accountants(AGA) defines performance measurement as an expression of how well an entity has performed in relation to […]

We’ve all heard the many clichés describing when segments and teams within an organization are aligned in their goals and strategy: “We’re all in this together,” “we’re on the same page,” “we’re rowing in the same direction.” And there are plenty more. Since we all realize that achieving alignment in a common goal is critical […]

The next time you are in a with management consultants hired by your organization to provide support, bring up this question and listen to the different answers: “What is your value proposition?” Before you can begin to answer this question, it is important to distinguish between the actual value provided and the perception of value. […]