How do you plan for a smooth re-opening and manage increased uncertainty?   First, as the world continues to struggle and cope with the effects of COVID-19, we hope you and your team are doing well. With the increased possibility of a second wave, precautions to help protect the health and wellbeing of your staff, clients/customers, […]

Why must you re-visit your business fundamentals now? “You go back to fundamentals when things start to go awry.” Bill Cowher       We have all seen our favorite athletes, entertainers, leaders, and teachers encounter and overcome challenges. In difficult times, they often turn to the fundamentals.  Your strategic plan is formulated on core business principles—or fundamentals.  […]

What type of reviews should your teams be performing during and post-COVID-19? COVID-19 has created new realities and unprecedented challenges.  It has also impacted your stakeholders and control environment and how audits and reviews are performed.  The rapid pace of change accelerated the need for the following: new solutions to your customer’s problems (adapt to […]

This is Part I – Strategic Direction and Alignment of a revised six-part series on the internal audit value chain (IAVC). Misalignments between enterprise strategy and business unit priorities must be identified and resolved as soon as possible to avoid long-term financial losses, reputational damage, and improve responsiveness to the changing business environment.  Initial publication – May […]

This is Part II – Risk Management and Monitoring of a revised six-part series on the internal audit value chain (IAVC). “According to the IIA, Internal audit can serve as a disruptor, relentlessly challenging the status quo and identifying and focusing on emerging risks, while factoring the rapid pace of evolving risks.”  Initial publication – June 27, […]

This is Part III – Operational Efficiencies of a revised six-part series on the internal audit value chain (IAVC). Management should empower business unit leaders and internal audit teams to continuously challenge the status quo, starting with mission-critical activities to drive operational efficiencies. Initial publication – September 23, 2018. Updated – May 15, 2020. here are few […]

This is Part IV – Quality and Compliance of a revised six-part series on the internal audit value chain (IAVC). The emphasis on product and service quality is even more critical as organizations across the globe scrambled to respond to the unprecedented disruptions from COVID-19.  “Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility.” Initial publication – January 15, 2019. Updated – May […]