An autonomous vehicle took on Chicago’s thick morning traffic. Here’s what happened.

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Autonomous vehicles conjure visions of futuristic machines that lack steering wheels, but the first driverless cars probably won’t actually be driverless.

Instead, manufacturers will likely start out with low levels of automation and gradually increase the technology.

Most of the self-driving car…

Before he was wiping out student debt at Morehouse College, Robert F. Smith was patenting coffee brewing at Kraft

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The billionaire technology investor who promised to pay off hundreds of Morehouse College graduates’ student loans has ties to Chicago — including patenting a coffee brewing method for a company then called Kraft General Foods.

Robert F. Smith is the founder, chairman and CEO of Vista Equity Partners,…

As job-hunt season hits, Chicago-area workers in 3 hot tech roles tell how they got started and what they do all day

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With graduations fast approaching, a new crop of technology job candidates is preparing to enter the market. Their prospects look good.

Tech-related employment grew in the Chicago area by almost 6,000 jobs last year.

And if employment postings are any indication, there is also optimism around future…