How to Prevent Amazon From Reviewing Your Alexa Convos

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After a Guardian story revealed that Apple uses human contractors to review some of its Siri recordings this week, Apple made the decision to temporarily suspend the program. Google followed suit with its virtual assistant, and now Amazon has done the same for Alexa—except instead of ditching the human review it’s…

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Eyes on Sony’s CLED (Crystal LED) display technology: Samsung isn’t the only player in the Micro LED game

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Sony’s Crystal LED video-wall technology looks astounding, far better than any conventional commercial-cinema or home-based display I’ve ever seen.

Intel launches 10th-gen ‘Ice Lake’ chips, pushing hard on graphics for notebook PCs

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Intel’s eleven new Ice Lake chips are betting big on graphics. Intel claims that its new 10th-gen Core family, launched Thursday, will offer the best integrated graphics experience of any thin-and-light notebook PC—about equaling what some discrete chips offer in PCWorld tests.

Intel began setting up Ice Lake expectations in May, positioning its first mass-market 10nm parts as improvements for the notebook PC as a whole, including AI, communications, and I/O. The overarching message is “new:” a new process technology, a new CPU core, and a new graphics engine, along with “new” advancements in communications and I/O. 

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