Naperville, Aurora kids bringing idea for astronaut pajamas to international contest in Australia

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Some local middle school students think they have a way to help astronauts sleep in zero gravity without having to take pills.

Their idea is pajamas inlaid with technology that simulates the sensation of a person lying on a bed.

The four middle students on the team, known as Fuzzy Pi, will present…

Coming to store shelves: Embedded cameras that guess your age and sex

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Eyeing that can of soda in the supermarket cooler? Or maybe you’re craving a pint of ice cream? A camera could be watching you.

But it’s not there to see if you’re stealing. These cameras want to get to know you and what you’re buying.

It’s a new technology being trotted out to retailers, where…

My worst moment: ‘The Kids Are Alright’ star Mary McCormack, the headshot from hell and calling Steven Bochco a ‘fathead’ in an audition

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Though Mary McCormack is just one of three siblings, she can relate to the overflowing family life depicted on her ABC comedy “The Kids Are Alright,” where she plays the droll, no-nonsense matriarch Peggy, juggling a houseful of kids but never breaking a sweat.

“I grew up with almost 50 cousins,”…

Aurora rolls out smart water meter system

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The city of Aurora has a new smart water meter system up and running.

The system, known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure, brings together the city’s Information Technology Department, along with Public Works and the Finance-Water Billing departments. The new system, which has been running for…

Intel Optane Memory H10 SSD Review: How it could speed up your next laptop

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Intel’s Optane Memory H10 SSD is one of those enigmas of PC hardware that can drive reviewers crazy. It is—simply put—a storage technology that is more responsive in some cases, but slower in others.

It’s also a technology you can’t choose for yourself. Currently, Optane Memory H10 is being sold only to PC OEMs, who will integrate it into space-limited laptops and eventually full-on gaming laptops.

Because it’s Intel technology, it’s not going work with platforms it’s not approved for (read AMD). As you start seeing it in new laptops, this review will help you decide whether it’s a feature worth seeking out. 

img 20190416 141347 IDG

Intel’s Optane Memory H10 with Solid State Storage is essentially two drives in one one.

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Illinois joins a growing number of football programs that use GPS technology for ‘smarter’ practices. But for some players, it’s all about speed.

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As football players enter the Illinois weight room, a digital monitor catches their eyes. Skill-position players pause to check the screen and see if they’ve been included in the “speed freaks” club.

Thanks to Illinois’ recent purchase of athletic vests that include a Global Positioning System…

‘Veep’ actor Kevin Dunn on the final season of the comedy, and how he got his sister that ‘SNL’ audition

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A few years ago I asked “Veep” showrunner David Mandel why he thought the cast of the long-running HBO comedy (now in its final season) was stacked so deeply with performers from Chicago. He told me it’s because the show is “so much about reality — and there’s so much reality at the basis of Chicago…