Glassdoor expands its Chicago office, leasing additional space for its growing software engineering team

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Glassdoor, which operates a recruiting and job review website, is growing its Chicago office, becoming the latest West Coast technology company to expand its software engineering team in the city.

The San Francisco Bay area-based company employs more than 250 people in its Fulton Market district…

In final TV debate, Lori Lightfoot conjures Ronald Reagan in countering Toni Preckwinkle: ‘There she goes again’

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During a largely tepid debate less than a week before Election Day, Chicago mayoral candidates Toni Preckwinkle and Lori Lightfoot took a final blast of parting shots Wednesday night.

They avoided direct attacks for about 48 sedate minutes during the CBS-Ch. 2 event, which was held in an auditorium…

Move over Apple Watch, MSI exhibit shows off a tattoo that controls your phone, plus other insane wearable technology

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If you thought we had a few years before the world turns into a real-life “Black Mirror” episode, think again. Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry’s latest exhibit, “Wired to Wear,” makes it very clear that the future of fashion goes well beyond a smartwatch that can pay for your coffee. With…

All behold Hudson Yards. Are you scared, Broadway? The rest of New York and cities everywhere? You should be

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You catch the 7 Line train from New York’s Times Square — a chaotic urban carnival of commerce, musicals, plays, comedy and gawking, technology laying atop the grime of urban history, its liveness mostly unchanged for a century. For anyone with urban dreams and a deep-seated fear of life’s boredom,…

Update: Google Gmail, Microsoft add ‘dynamic email,’ to avoid the pain of new tabs

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Google said Tuesday it has begun rolling out what it calls “dynamic email,” an enhancement to its web-based Gmail page that in some cases eliminates the need to open a separate tab to accomplish a task. Microsoft also said it will add support for the same technology, known as AMP HTML preview.

Dynamic email feels somewhat like an extension of the dynamic replies that will pop up in response to an existing Gmail message, or the autocomplete functions available in Google Search: a simple tool to save time. Dynamic email works by sucking a small portion of the web directly into the email pane, automating a particular task.

Here’s an example: In Google Docs, if a collaborator comments on a line in a sales contract, they can notify you via Gmail to take action. Instead of a link to the document that you’re forced to open, you can simply comment directly in the email, and the comment will be added to the document in question.

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Master SQL With This $39 Training Bundle

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Data begets success, which is why organizations gather so much of it. Once it’s collected, however, they need skilled database administrators to deal with it all. Want a future-friendly career? Then train to become one of these professionals with The Complete SQL Certification Bundle, now just $39.

This package, which is valued at $3,289, offers essential training for becoming a skilled database pro. It includes 11 courses that’ll introduce you to the basics of data management, show you analysis techniques, as well as teach you how to design and deploy your own database. You’ll even have the opportunity to prep to earn respected certifications from Microsoft and Oracle that could help you to secure gainful employment.

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Audit shows health officials downplayed what later became a deadly Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at Quincy vets home

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In the aftermath of a 2015 occurrence of Legionnaires’ disease at the aging Quincy Veterans Home, state officials moved to downplay the potential seriousness of the outbreak that led to a dozen deaths then and annual outbreaks and more deaths since, a state audit showed Monday.

The audit of the…

How to Track Every Google Service and App That’s Shut Down

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It’s trite to remind people of Google’s notorious track record for killing off its apps and services, but it’s true. Like any company, Google is continually trying out new ideas and testing new technology. Sometimes it works out, but other times it doesn’t, and a new Google product seems to get its own doomsday…

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Starting later this year, you can use Apple Pay to get on the CTA

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Starting later this year, CTA riders with Apple Pay will be able to use their phones to pay for rides on trains and buses, the agency said.

Apple announced on Monday that users of transit services in Chicago, Portland and New York will be able to use Apple Pay, a contactless payment technology.