Just buy it? Why Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti might be worth preordering

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Have a ‘Chore Audit’ With Your Partner  

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What tears couples apart isn’t always the Big Things. Often, it’s the everyday things, the stuff that you feel like you should be able to brush off, but trying to do so only makes you angrier, and so you brew resentment in silence until one early morning when some unrelated annoyance makes you explode with the words…

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Acer’s blisteringly fast 4K, 144Hz HDR gaming monitors cost far less than rival displays

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Consider the 60Hz barrier for ultra-high definition screens officially broken. Acer announced not one, but two new 4K, 144Hz gaming monitors at IFA in Berlin on Wednesday for folks who like their frame rates high and temperatures low. One, the $1,299 Predator XB273K, supports Nvidia’s gameplay-smoothing G-Sync technology. The other, the $899 Nitro XV273K, plays nice with AMD’s rival FreeSync tech.

On paper, the Predator XB273K matches many of the key specifications of Acer’s Predator X27, a $2,000 display that we dubbed the Holy Grail of gaming monitors in our review. It’s got 4K resolution, a blazing-fast 144Hz maximum refresh rate (though that’s probably when overclocked), G-Sync, and even DisplayHDR 400 certification.

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