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Synergy Integration Advisors is a specialty Internal Audit Co-Sourcing and Outsourcing Consulting firm with a focus on:

  1. Operational and Performance audits;
  2. Compliance reviews and audits;
  3. Information Technology (IT) audits and assessments;
  4. Risk management; and
  5. Financial management reviews and audits.

Our employees have experience working in the government, commercial and nonprofit sectors, including financial services, health care, higher education, to manufacturing and distribution. Other services we provide include:

  1. Business Process Improvement (BPI) support;
  2. Fraud risk and vulnerability solutions; and
  3. Supply chain and logistics management.

We have offices in Philadelphia, PA, Bethesda, MD and San Diego (La Jolla), CA offering a national reach with local attention to provide our clients a strategic approach and proven cost-effective solutions. Synergy provide an integrated,holistic approach and organization-wide Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions while ensuring client organizations can satisfy their ethical responsibilities and operate by their risk tolerance, internal policies, and external regulations.

Internal Audit Co-Sourcing and Outsourcing

Organizations are constantly evaluating optimal use of resources to address customer needs and expectations, realize cost savings through efficient processes and use of technology, identify and mitigate evolving risks, recruit and retain talented employees to execute mission. Such competing priorities and limited resources mean Internal Audit must prioritize to address the competing demands of stakeholders, who have different opinions about where internal audit’s focus should be.

Even while it is expected to do more with less, internal audit can continue to improve organizational effectiveness in the areas of strategic alignment, risk assessment, operational efficiencies, compliance and quality assurance, financial management, and responsiveness. Ultimately, priorities vary between organizations, and these areas should be continuously evaluated to create value in the context of the organization’s strategy and goals and mission.

Challenges finding Internal Audit professionals with the required skills at a reasonable cost to deliver value has expedited the need for co-sourcing or outsourcing as a long-term sustainable solution. When the internal audit function is working effectively, the organization can realize success with responsiveness to customer needs, minimal regulatory and compliance violations, productive employees, and implementation and use of optimal processes and technologies to accomplish objectives.

Our Internal Audit professionals can assist your organization plan and execute audits, collaborate with stakeholders to review findings and issue final reports within schedule, budget and in-line with your quality control parameters.

Our personnel can help your internal audit function to continuously create and sustain value by providing solutions to improve quality and oversight, realize cost savings and efficiencies, enhance risk and controls management, to help you focus on core competencies.

The Synergy Internal Audit Methodology enable clients to design, and implement processes and controls, and take the worry out of managing demands from internal and external stakeholders to include:

  1. Strategy alignment solutions;
  2. Risk management solutions;
  3. Operational efficiencies solutions;
  4. Quality and compliance solutions;
  5. Audit support (financial management and governance);
  6. Benchmarking and project management support;
  7. Human capital resource management; and
  8. Collaborate with stakeholders to identify and remediate issues and prevent re-occurrence.

Synergy works with leading independent editors and Internal Audit publications to provide thought leadership in the areas we support. Creating content with solutions to common problems helps our team maintain the cutting edge needed to deliver value to our clients.

We are passionate about delivering solutions that meet client needs. For that reason, we hire and retain staff with proven expertise to help us continuously improve our processes, tools, and methodologies, and provide innovative solutions.

Synergy Integration Advisors – your partner towards success!

Our customized, tailored approach delivers win-win outcomes for our clients and our team.